This is Raw by Jack Hart

30 05 2011

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out the very first Raw review of Twin Talk Wrestling. We don’t know yet exactly what this will entail every week, but for now I will be covering while Ace is busy working. One of the perks of being a college student. That’s how I roll. Anyway, enjoy the article and tell me what you thought of this week’s episode.

There was some weird technical difficulties that kept me from watching most of the opening, but the long and short of it was R-Truth saying he deserved a shot at the title and Cena coming down and agreeing and then the Raw General Manager made a non-title match for later in the night. Wish I could’ve heard what Truth was saying during this promo as it looked pretty interesting. I expect their match to end in a DQ, but seeing R-Truth win would be a pleasant surprise.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston(*3/4)

These two have had some great matches in the past, but here they just seemed off. Especially on their counters it just seemed like it took them too long to set up their moves. A decent match, and they definitely have some chemistry, but they were out of sync here. Lots of false finishes though ending with Ziggler hitting the Zig Zag on Kingston for the win. Which in WWE world means they are now in a feud. There are worse ways to set up matches I guess. Hopefully they have a better match on PPV.

Alberto Del Rio came out for a promo to talk about what happened last week. In case you missed it, Ricardo Rodriguez “ran” over Big Show with a car and then Big Show writhed on the floor for over five minutes. Five minutes I will never get back. For that, a piece of my heart will always hate Big Show. Typical arrogant promo by Del Rio where he actually told Big Show he would send him a bill for the damage done to his car. Unintentional funny moment when Del Rio grabbed Ricardo by the collar and one of his buttons came flying off. The reaction by Ricardo was pretty hilarious. I expected Kane to come out and chokeslam Ricardo, but nothing happened. Maybe we’ll see that backstage or next week. Decent promo by Del Rio just further setting up this feud. Del Rio’s got to do something till Summerslam right?

Showed a promo for the Christian Randy Orton feud which I think the WWE is handling very excellently right now. Good work.

Kelly Kelly and Eve beat The Bella Twins (*)

A tag team divas match? What a treat! We never see these! Kelly Kelly pinned one of the Bella twins after about 3 or 4 minutes. Kelly Kelly looked like she was goofing off in this match, but it was fine. I thought this is when Kharma would come out, but once again I was wrong. That’s for later in the show I spose.

Michael Cole is in the ring after break… Awesome. He shows a video of what Alex Riley did last week to the Miz, which was a questionable decision to say the least, and then Alex Riley’s music hit to a fair sized pop (I enjoy Riley’s new theme music) and I thought, “well if they wanted to turn Riley face, they did a pretty great job.” Michael Cole ran down Riley for his actions, called him a traitor, and demanded to know what Riley had to say for himself. And because Riley is a babyface now, he said he’s never felt better. And then, in an act almost too unspeakable to talk about here, Cole called Riley… a Bastard! Gasp! The Attitude Era is shaking in its boots. Riley then start the beatdown of Michael Cole until The Miz came out for what I thought was going to be his revenge beatdown. However Riley soon turned the tides and chased off the Miz… The former WWE Champion Miz…sigh. This is hopefully leading to a match at Capital Punishment where Miz should, should go over.

I was very excited to see that Mysterio and Punk would be having a match next. Even though they’ll probably only get 7-9 minutes, they have great chemistry and have had some great matches in the past.

CM Punk w/Mason Ryan beat Rey Mysterio(**1/2)

Very enjoyable match, probably could’ve been higher rated had it been a longer match, but definitely enjoyable for what it was. High points of the match were Mysterio diving onto Punk on the outside sending Punk into the announcers laps and Punk wagging his finger and blowing kisses at fans while he had Mysterio in a submission hold. I was actually laughing out loud. End of the match came when Mysterio set Punk up for the 619 and Ryan jumped on the apron to stop him, so Mysterio kicked him off to the floor. Punk then grabbed Mysterio for the GTS and after a couple of reversals, Punk hit Mysterio with a kick to the head for the 3 count. Nice to see Punk pick up a win and I am hoping to see more of these two in the ring together.

After the break Kharma was already in the ring for her promo. I wasn’t sure what to expect here, as they’ve kind of built her as a mysterious ruthless character who just demolishes opponents.  Her promo was actually very honest talking about accomplishing her dreams. She talked about her path to the WWE and then talked about wanting to be a mother. She’ll be gone for a year to give birth to a child, so good for her. Then Laycool, oops I’m sorry, I mean the Bella Twins came out and spewed insults at Kharma until she threatened both of them and said she hopes they’re both there when she comes back in a year (Ace Hart’s response, “ I hope not”), because now she has a new dream. A fan then yelled out to the Bella Twins, “She could eat you!” Another funny moment.

Evan Bourne beat Jack Swagger(*)

A fine match that went about three minutes. Bourne rolled up Swagger for the surprise three to continue what I like to call a “TV feud” because I can’t imagine these two getting a PPV match. I feel like I’ve seen this feud already. Maybe two years ago. Does anyone know?

R-Truth beat John Cena via countout(DUD)

Before the match they showed a recap of Truth’s promo to the audience. Smart of them to do, as everyone who wasn’t there missed it the first time around. John Cena came out and posed with a member of the military and the match got underway. The Story of the match was every time Cena was in control, Truth would roll out of the ring to regroup. Another funny moment was a fan yelling at Truth, “Zach Ryder has a T-Shirt!” After 4 times of Truth doing this Cena went to follow Truth and Truth knocked Cena down and managed to roll back in the ring to beat the ten count while Cena could not. Match went like 4 minutes, with about 30 seconds of that in the ring. Truth then went to the fans he had been taunting earlier who were definitely not a plant(sarcasm) and threw water in the dad’s face and hightailed it out of there. Kind of a anti-climactic way to end the show. Oh well.

All in all a good show. Built on some feuds and started other ones and we actually got to see a decent amount of wrestling tonight. Some of the feuds feel like Smackdown 2.0 with CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston, but all four of those guys can bring the goods in the ring and I look forward to their matches. R-Truth has come a long way and I look forward to his main event match at Capital Punishment. Well deserved.



29 05 2011

Hey everyone sorry about the lack of writing lately, but it’s been crazy times at the workplace. Gotta love salary. Well be back this week with more articles including my weekly rankings. Thanks everyone for reading!

-Ace Hart

Over the Limit 2011 Contest!!!

22 05 2011

Hey everyone just a quick little post today to let you all know TwinTalkWrestling or TTW, will be having a contest today for Over the Limit! Here’s how it works. In the comments below, you’re going to give us your predictions for each match happening at Over the Limit. Whoever guesses the most correct is going to
Win themselves a free Wrestlemania 27 DVD! It’s that simple! Here’s just a quick set of rules, since every contest needs one:
1. Only one entrant per person. We can read IP addresses, so please don’t even try.
2. In order to be considered to win, you must make your predictions before 8 pm est time, 5 pm pacific.
3. In case of a tie all winners will be placed into a hat and a random drawing will determine the winner of the DVD.
4. Have fun! We don’t need a full description of each of your matches, but if you want to, feel free.

Welcome to Twin Talk Wrestling!

-Ace and Jack Hart, THE Hart Twins!

WWE Over The Limit 2011 Preview by The Hart Twins

21 05 2011

Welcome to the first ever WWE PPV preview with The Hart Twins, Ace and Jack. Enjoy as we just take you through a back and forth chat with two twin brothers who love the WWE and can’t wait for this Sunday. Real basic set-up, we’ll be running through each match-up and giving you our opinions and predictions as we see fit. So let’s get to it!

Sin Cara vs Chavo Guerrero

Jack Hart: I don’t really see a point to talking about this match too much for a couple reasons. Firstly it’s currently just rumored and secondly we know who is winning. The one thing I’ll say is how surprised I am that this is already on PPV. I expected a few more weeks of build and then a PPV match. I guess any feud with Chavo feels weird because I don’t expect him to win any matches. I expect a good exciting match and it wouldn’t be the worst thing if this match opened the show. Sin Cara obviously has a style that excites the fans, so it could get the crowd going. Plus I enjoy seeing Chavo on a PPV. His last PPV match, besides the Royal Rumble, was a 2 on 1 Hog Pen match against Santino Marella with his aunt Vickie Guerrero. Two years later here we are. Go Chavo.

Ace Hart: Yeah no kidding, I must say that I was absolutely shocked to see Chavo back on television, as I had just assumed he has taken more of a backstage position on the WWE Creative team or something similar. I’m with you as well, I would have rather they held off on this match a few weeks and had Chavo start off as his actual manager to give a voice behind Sin Cara, considering he currently has none. I don’t believe there’s a better low-midcard wrestler (currently on the roster) more fit to put over Sin Cara. Should be fun, if like you say Jack, it actually happens.

Jack Hart: To sum it up I’m picking… Sin Cara! Yes shocking I know.

Ace Hart: Haha, I’m gonna have to agree with you on that. Sin Cara over Chavo Guerrero following a flipping rock bottom off the top rope that you can see being set up a mile away.

Ace Hart Prediction: Sin Cara By Pinfall

Jack Hart Prediction: Sin Cara By Pinfall

A Bella Twin vs Kelly Kelly

Ace Hart: Should we even preview the potential women’s match?

Jack Hart: My prediction is Kharma comes out and beats up a woman

Jack Hart: really any woman. She may even grab a woman out of the audience

Ace Hart: Kharma? I don’t know who this Kharma is that you speak of… If only WWE had done a better job of having her on TV every week, maybe I would…

Editor’s Note: As we were typing and watching Smackdown, a match between whichever Bella holds the title and Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly was announced. This does not mean that we will be talking anymore about it. Moving on…

R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio

Jack Hart: I’m shocked for how much I’m looking forward to this match considering how small the build has been. I think that just goes to show how interesting the heel character of R-Truth has been this last month or so. I couldn’t care less about him when he was a face and I saw him stuck in the midcard forever, but now he’s becoming someone I would love to see in the World title picture. Plus having him face Mysterio, one of the most beloved superstars in the WWE, makes it even easier for the fans to hate Truth.

Ace Hart: I used to think that the next match-up I wanted to see for Cena’s WWE Title was Alberto Del Rio (who is nowhere to be found in this PPV after his World Heavyweight Championship loss last month as Extreme Rules.), but I must say that I hope Truth is up next for a title shot. He’s been ruthless the last few weeks and I’m entertained every time he’s on television, whether it’s in a match or just cutting a promo. I’m completely positive Truth is going to win here, because he absolutely deserves this push. He’s been given a lot of room for creativity the last few weeks and I believe he’s exceeding the expectations that were set for him when his Heel turn came about.

Ace Hart: My prediction is that Truth will find some way to win, possibly by cheating. I believe he’ll do whatever is necessary to win and insert himself into the upper echelon of WWE. And in the off chance he doesn’t win, you better believe Rey is going to receive the beating of a lifetime. And that’s the Truth! (Get it?)

Ace Hart: Cause his name is R-Truth

Ace Hart: And it’s a part of his catchphrase… And stuff…

Jack Hart: The one question I have here is what is Truth’s offense going to look like as a heel? I’d imagine we’re going to see a more aggressive style from him, especially considering his opponent is an excellent seller of moves. We’ll see Mysterio start off quickly and then a slower, more methodical type offense from Truth to ground Mysterio. I’m going with Mysterio to win here, but only by disqualification. No way is Mysterio the winner any other way.

Ace Hart Prediction: R-Truth By Pinfall

Jack Hart Prediction: Rey Mysterio By DQ

Wade Barrett vs Ezekiel Jackson

Ace Hart: I’ve made it pretty clear in my Weekly Rankings, that I am not a huge fan of where the Corre has gone in the last few months. Almost as much of a laughingstock as the “Apple” stable, they have somehow managed to win multiple titles during their run together, while doing nothing but burying the titles and men themselves. I give major kudos to Zeke that he has managed to separate himself from the group and perhaps we’ll see more lines of separation at Over the Limit for the Corre. At least we’ll see some significance towards the Intercontinental Title, which hasn’t been defended on a PPV since Wade Barrett won it, and to be honest I can’t even remember when it was last defended by anyone at a PPV and personally i haven’t cared and i blame that on the WWE creative team.

Jack Hart: Heck Wade didn’t even win it at a PPV. It’s hard to care about the Intercontinental title when no one else appears to. I couldn’t really care less about this match, beyond the fact that I’m a big fan of Wade Barrett. I’d much rather see Daniel Bryan fighting for the title here, but for some reason the WWE decided it was time to turn Jackson face. Ok fine. I’m going with Jackson to win here. Sorry should I be calling him Zeke? I don’t care. Maybe Zeke will become a main event player for years to come, but I don’t really see it at this point. I’m guessing Barrett losing the title here leads to a further split of the Corre. If you remember, Heath Slater was the one who suggested Barrett defend his title in this match. Maybe Barrett tries to get Gabriel to help him beat down Slater, but he refuses and they turn on him. Barrett moves on to a bigger better solo career and Gabriel and Slater continue as a tag team, and the WWE tries to figure out where they went wrong.

Ace Hart: Yeah, you have to call him Zeke, because we’re on a first name basis now. Kind of best friends really. Any opportunity for The Corre to end their run of mediocrity is a plus as far as I’m concerned. End the Corre and start Zeke (my BFF) on his epic 1 and a half month title reign.

Ace Hart Prediction: Ezekiel Jackson by Pinfall

Jack Hart Prediction: Ezekiel Jackson by Pinfall

Big Show & Kane vs CM Punk & Mason Ryan

Jack Hart: This next match gives me a good chance to plug my article on tag team wrestling which you can read about right here. It’s quite excellent. Trust me, my mom said so. Anyway this match feels oddly familiar. The Tag Team Champions Kane and Big Show defending their titles against two members of a faction. How original. CM Punk is one of my personal favorites in the WWE, but I feel like the focus will be put on Mason Ryan in this match who is rumored to be turning face in almost identical fashion as Ezekiel Jackson did with the Corre. I don’t see Kane and the Big Show losing the titles here, but I could be wrong. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing CM Punk with some gold around his waist.

Ace Hart: I’m with you on CM Punk, he looks great in some gold or whatever weird color the tag titles are. If WWE wants this match to be anywhere near watchable we need to see a steady dose of Punk, but to be honest, I can’t imagine we’ll see much from this match at all. After putting CM Punk #1 on my rankings this week, I have the utmost confidence that WWE now may know what direction they have for Punk. As far as this match goes, I think you’re right, we’re at another moment where they show how powerful Mason Ryan is because he can beat Kane and Big Show. You know who else has beaten those two? Almost everyone on the roster. Big Show and Jericho were better…

Jack Hart: Don’t bring up Jericho to me… You know it hurts too much. I think Ryan gets a ton of offense in, and then Punk tags himself him to show Ryan he’s the leader of this group which leads to Punk taking the double chokeslam for the win. The goal of this match will probably be to create further tension between Ryan and the rest of Nexus. On a side note, break up Nexus, move Mcgillicutty to Smackdown, shoot Otunga into space with only enough gas to get to the moon, and move CM Punk into the World title scene. Good talk.

Ace Hart: I wouldn’t even say we have to shoot Otunga into space on an actual ship, why waste the money? If he can’t learn how to breathe in space, then he doesn’t deserve to at all, we can’t coddle him forever. That sounds like a perfect ending to me. Except for the fact that Punk and Ryan are going to win this match, thank goodness because I was worried we wouldn’t get enough Mason Ryan time on television…

Ace Hart Prediction: Punk and Ryan win after interference by Nexus. Or New Nexus, whatever.

Jack Hart Prediction: Big Show and Kane retain by Pinfall.

Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole

Ace Hart: Sigh… wasn’t this feud supposed to be blown off at Wrestlemania when they got 15+ minutes for a match involving two non-wrestlers? I could go on and on about how little I care about this match but I’ll try to review this tactfully…

Ace Hart: Ok…

Ace Hart: Here we go…

Ace Hart: Yeah this isn’t working, Jack can you take over from here?

Jack Hart: I think Jerry “The King” Lawler is going to win. If you want anything more, go read an article on another site.

Ace Hart: Yeah exactly. What he said.

Jack Hart: Oh I have one thing to add. Hopefully this is the beginning of Jack Swaggers face turn. All right, now I’m done.

Ace Hart Prediction: Michael Cole spontaneously combustes.

Jack Hart Prediction: Jerry Lawler wins… After Michael Cole spontaneously combustes.

Randy Orton vs Christian

Jack Hart: Before we begin I just want to clarify, I am excited for this match. If it’s anything like their match on Smackdown a few weeks ago it will be another gem. However this has been kind of a dull lead in to a match. I’m fine with two faces competing because they can, and their slow rescues of one another on Smackdown actually brought a little animosity to this match, but at the end there was no anger as they stood triumphant next to one another. For the love of everything holy, give the man an RKO to end the show. But for once I do believe the WWE has a plan here. It looks like one of these men will be turning heel and the WWE is doing a great job at keeping us guessing who that might be. It looked like Christian would be turning and now it looks like Orton to me. This feud has a very fresh feel to it.

Ace Hart: Took most of the words right out of my mouth. I honestly must say that I’m very excited for this match and have been looking forward to it since the title changed hands at Smackdown earlier this month. Orton and Christian showed great in-ring chemistry and I hope we’re looking at a legitimate feud, not just Christian’s last shot at the title for a while. They’re both obviously over huge with the WWE Universe and I can only imagine they’ll be tons of pops during this match for both wrestlers, which is what made their first match so special. I hope they get as much time as they want, because they need to make this match good to outdo the one on Smackdown.

Jack Hart: Oh this definitely has to be the beginning of something big. I’ve got a fatal four way next month for the title with Mark Henry and Sheamus involved. This feud has enough sparks to push it all the way to Summerslam as long as the creative team doesn’t rush it and screw it up. This feud has a similar feel to it that the Jeff Hardy CM Punk feud had a few years ago, which was great because they took their time and let the story play out. Let this feud do the same thing. I really want Christian to win the title back here, but it’s not the right time for it. Orton retains in a match that has some pretty hefty expectations.

Jack Hart: And just as a warning, this match will be good, but it won’t outdo their previous title match on Smackdown. You’ve been warned

Ace Hart: Well thanks a lot Jack. Way to kill the mood. I’ve got Orton over Christian which will no doubt further infuriate the IWC, but let’s think long term here people. P.S. all hate email should be sent straight to Jack Hart. You’re welcome.

Jack Hart: Jokes on you. I don’t use email, I use carrier pigeon.

Ace Hart Prediction: Orton wins by Pinfall

Jack Hart Prediction: Orton wins by Pinfall

John Cena vs The Miz

Ace Hart: Awesome! Since I am HUGE MizFit, I am very excited for another main event for the former WWE Champion. I know he has exactly a 0.01 percent chance of winning, but that’s not even the most important factor for Miz in this match. I Quit matches are an amazing opportunity for both men to look great and I’m excited to see what Miz is going to pull out of his hat for this one. Since it’s the Miz we know everything he’s apart of is awesome, right Jack?

Jack Hart: This is definitely the match I am most looking forward to. Everyone has said it, but I’m just gonna repeat and say it’s incredible to see how far The Miz has come. When he first was drafted over to Raw and had his mini feud with Cena, he was buried any time he faced him. Now he actually has a win over him at Wrestlemania. He’s a big deal. I’m curious if an I Quit match will become a staple of the poorly named Over the Limit PPV. Last year Cena beat Batista at Over the Limit with the exact same stipulation and this year he will… lose to the Miz! (stunned silence) Yes I’m picking the Miz here. I had Cena picked to win this match up until the promo Miz gave on Raw talking about all the different ways he can make Cena say I Quit. I think Miz might try and put a “fan” in harms way in order to make Cena say I Quit. Sort of a hostage situation. We’ve seen the Corporation threaten to hurt Chyna in order to get HHH to quit, but I don’t believe we’ve ever seen a superstar threaten a fan in this type of a match. Obviously the audience member would be a plant. Vince doesn’t want a lawsuit on his hands.

Ace Hart: Wow, thats the first I’ve heard of something like that. It’s actually really brilliant and I would love to see it. But overal I thinkl we’re looking at the first PPV Defense of a long title reign with John Cena. You almost had me there for a second Jack, but I’m not going to get my hopes up for the most must see WWE Champion to regain back the title that so rightfully belongs to him. If only. We are living in his moment Jack. His moment…

Jack Hart: haha. I just don’t see who Cena feuds with next if he’s set to feud with Alberto Del Rio at Summerslam. I think Cena wins it back next month, but Miz wins it here. It’s bold, but if I’m right I can shove it in your face for a very long time and that is truly Awesome.

Jack Hart: I didn’t think I was very excited for this PPV and after writing about it I’ve decided that I am really not excited for this PPV save the two world title matches. Beyond that this looks like another Raw or Smackdown show. Hopefully they prove me wrong, but I just don’t see it.

Ace Hart: If you were paying attention to me earlier I stated that R-Truth will be the next challenger for the title. Or something like that, I don’t know it was a long time ago. I think I’m a little more excited about this PPV than you are, but I have to agree with you. I know I wasn’t looking forward to Extreme Rules either, but at least that had all of the Gimmick matches to bail it out just in case. I expect very little buys for this event but hopefully we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Ace Hart Prediction: John Cena by forcing The Miz to “Quit”

Jack Hart Prediction: The Miz by forcing John Cena to “Quit”

Ace Hart: Alright, thanks everyone for tuning in! Check back on Sunday after the PPV for our ‘Over the Limit Review’ where we’ll learn exactly how terrible Jack’s picks were and how right I was about everything. Also feel free to contact me on Twitter @acehart1.

Weekly WWE Superstar Rankings 5/21/11 by Ace Hart

21 05 2011

Welcome back to another edition of this week’s WWE Superstar Rankings. Just a quick reminder: In this space we’ll be recapping the last week of all WWE action and ranking who came out on top for the time being and which Superstars are trending downward for the foreseeable future. Sorry that this week is a little short, but I’ll also be posting an Over the Limit Preview and Review this weekend with my Twin Brother Jack Hart. So for this week only, I’ll only be doing a top 3 and bottom 3, so let’s get to it!

The “Dream Street” Five

1. CM Punk

A week after finding himself in Ace Hart’s bottom five, Punk made up for it in a huge way this past week. Not only was he able to score a clean win in a not too shabby television match over the United States Champion Kofi Kingston, but he also got some great promo time (every time Punk talks on a microphone, a double rainbow appears somewhere). I’m very excited and hopeful that WWE has at least a little bit of an idea of where to go with Punk from here and I hope to see at least a victory at Over the Limit. At least they found a way to sneak him into the PPV.

2. Jack Swagger

Another Superstar who must have read my rankings this week. How cool that I’ve become so popular so fast… Right? Anyways, a lot of what I have to say about Swagger all depends on if he makes a long awaited face turn at Over the Limit. Which I hope he does. He has too, it would make my heart happy to see him kick the crap out of Michael Cole, I think everyone can agree on that. Despite that, Swagger also ended up in the main event at Raw this week and although he was only placed there to be the guy that John Cena beats before Over the Limit, he put on a good show for all the kids at home and it’s always nice to see Swagger out there actually wrestling opposed to “training” Cole. Cross your fingers for Swagger for this Sunday.

3. Chavo Guerrero

After being almost non-existent for what seems like an eternity, Chavo has managed to find a way back on to a PPV. His commentating and in-ring work for the last two weeks has gotten me very excited to see this program between Chavo and Sin Cara. While I still think Chavo would make a good manager for Cara, I think it shows a lot that WWE trusts Chavo enough to put him in a position to put Cara up. And I think we all know Chavo is just the guy to do it. Enjoy it now Chavo, before you’re delegated to more behind the scenes action.

The “Trouble In Paradise” Three

1. Alberto Del Rio

Do you remember when he was in a pretty awesome ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship, like three weeks ago? Yeah I don’t really either, I don’t blame you. I know they’ve done a pretty great job of keeping him active on Raw, but none of that matters if you leave him off of a PPV. Considering he’s almost guaranteed to be the next competition for John Cena’s title, I’m sure he’ll recover, but I’m more than disappointed that he’s nowhere to be seen at Over the Limit. I’m sure they may squeeze him in there with a promo or an attack on Cena after his match, but he deserves to be in a high profile match.

2. Kofi Kingston (Yup, same picture)

He should be the 3rd best face on Raw. But instead, he’s losing matches on TV, despite not being in a legitimate feud and holding a secondary title. Couldn’t he and Del Rio be having a 5 minute United States Championship match at Over the Limit? I even have it written out. Kingston wins after Del Rio gets himself disqualified. Del Rio, upset with himself attacks Cena later in the night, hungry for the biggest title in the company. And Kingston comes out being the sympathetic babyface, a part he plays very well.

3. The Steel Pipe that tried to attack THE John Cena

When Miz first grabbed the Steel Pipe; I had very high hopes for a Raw-Ending John Cena Beatdown. But as it turned out, that Pipe must have been made of cheap children’s toys plastic, because Cena popped right up after two hits. I really thought at this point in his career, the Pipe would end up being in more high profile matches, but it turns out he’s stuck jobbing to Cena on free TV, not even a PPV match. So far it’s looking like 2011 is not the year for the Steel Pipe.

Thanks again for reading! Like my list? Hate my list? Tell me about it in the comments below. You can also contact me on twitter @acehart1

What I Would Do: An in-depth look at Tag Team Wrestling by Jack Hart

19 05 2011

The style of my article is pretty simple. I’m going to take a new topic every week and explain what I would do with it. Most of the time it will be something that I think needs fixing, but it could also be more of a fantasy article based around a wrestler (oops, I mean entertainer) or around a PPV. Maybe once in awhile I’ll even give props to the WWE… maybe. I’d like to start with something that sticks out to me as the most obvious problem with the WWE today. I’m speaking of course about Hornswoggle. No I’m kidding, I’m actually talking about the Tag Team division.

Sorry little buddy. Maybe next time.

What I’d do with the Tag Team Division: Man I don’t even know where to start. I mean I’m struggling to think of 4 tag teams right now. You’ve got Santino and Kozlov, Big Show and Kane (although they literally just won the titles), Gabriel and Slater, and… The Usos! Boom that’s four! Unfortunately that means there is only four, unless you count whatever Zach Ryder and Primo have been doing on Superstars. Which I don’t.


Think of the tag teams that used to be in the WWE just over ten years ago. Off the top of my head, I can think of the Hardy Boys, Edge and Christian, APA, The Dudley Boyz, Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett, Too Cool, Right to Censor, T & A, the New Age Outlaws… Al Snow and Steve Blackman? (Go Head Cheese!) Heck even 4 years ago there were enough teams to have two 10 team battle royals for the tag team championships. London and Kendrick, Regal and Taylor, Benjamin and Hass, Cade and Murdoch, Cryme Tyme, Deuce and Domino, Hardy Boys again to name a few. Even teams like DX and Rated RKO revamped the tag division for a while.

The good old days...

More recently we’ve seen teams that have given more of a spotlight to the titles, but they haven’t necessarily brought the tag team division up. Chris Jericho and Big Show were on every show weekly, so we were constantly seeing the tag team champions, but that didn’t cause a tag team explosion. The focus seems to be more on two superstars placed together on a team, rather than on a team dynamic. Which is poor booking in my opinion, because it seemed more exciting growing up that a team like the New Age Outlaws would actually have a shot against a team like The Rock and Stonecold, simply because they were an established team. It adds more excitement to a match like that. So again where exactly do I start?

The other good old days...

First off what I think the WWE needs is some actual tag teams that are similar to the Usos, but to not break them up. It’s gotten to the point that I no longer care about how successful the tag team might be, but I start trying to figure out which superstar will be more successful. Which is very difficult when you’re watching twins. (trust me, I’m a twin.) They need more tag teams like the Hart Dynasty or, for crying out loud, even the ridiculously named Dudebusters. It felt like there was actually a reason these teams were together, even if the only reason was that they sat up late one night and decided that Dudebusters would be a good name for a tag team. I’m only gonna say it one more time, but the Dudebusters? My first step is to bring up some teams from FCW right away and start developing them. I’d say maybe a face team and a heel team for each brand, and already you’ve doubled the number of tag teams you have on your roster. I don’t know all the guys in developmental, but for example, how about they bring up Brett Dibiase and pair him with his brother… wait does Ted still work for the WWE?

The Dudebusters... Seriously...

Second I would find a reason to have a tag team title tournament similar to what they did on Smackdown when they first added the tag team titles. Sure the only established team that came out of there was Los Guerreros, but it brought a lot of excitement to the division and some great matches, specifically between Angle and Benoit, Edge and Mysterio, and the aforementioned Guerreros. Not to mention it is an easy way to get some teams together without just throwing Mark Henry with whoever you want on a daily basis and claiming they are a tag team. I mean hasn’t he been paired with MVP, Evan Bourne, and Yoshi Tatsu just this last year alone? What’s that reader? Who exactly would I pair together? Well I’m glad you asked because I happen to have five teams already ready.

"Too much pink? I say not enough."

1. Tyson Kidd and DH Smith- Yeah I’m aware that their team splitting up has resulted in huge success for both men, but maybe it’s time these two crazy kids got back together. I have no idea why the WWE split them up without having any plans for them. It’s like the writers were a bunch of bored kids with salt and The Hart Dynasty were a couple of snails. Anyway, let’s get them back together. It’s a simple fix. Maybe Tyson Kidd is feuding with a couple wrestlers who start teaming up on him week after week and finally DH Smith runs out and saves him from a beat down and voila… The Hart Dynasty is back. Also you’ve now created two teams. Yeah that’s right, two, because the team that has been beating Tyson Kidd up is…

"When we grow up we want to be just like Cody Rhodes!"

2. Ted Dibiase and Brett Dibiase- I mentioned this one earlier, but it needed to be pointed out again. I cannot think of another wrestler whose stock has fallen as far as Dibiase’s has. At one point he was actually rumored to be the leader of his own faction, but instead he just hired Virgil, because that was a terrible idea for two generations. So instead of having this guy flounder in singlesville, let’s get him back into tag team action! (I reread that and it sounded a little inappropriate. My bad.) If you don’t want to bring up Brett, then just have Ted hire someone who is actually intimidating like Skip Sheffield or Ezekiel Jackson as his tag team partner. The story writes itself.

Air and Ground? This writes itself people.

3. Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne- As much as I would love it, these guys are not getting pushed to the main event level anytime soon, so let’s make them into an exciting tag team. Bryan and Bourne even has a nice ring to it. Or how about “Air Submission”? That one gave me goosebumps ladies and gentlemen. I don’t really need much of a story to get these two together, I just think they should be the team that wins that tag team tournament I was talking about. These guys could have great chemistry and you know they could deliver great matches weekly. Let’s get it done.

This is the only picture I could find of just these two. I think it's nice.

4. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger- I realize these two are main event level talents and especially with Undertaker barely there, and Edge gone, and HHH doing… whatever it is he’s doing, the WWE probably needs these guys to pick up the ball and run it, but for some reason I just like these two as a team. Maybe a little more so when Dolph was a blonde, but I remember a Survivor Series match where these two were on a team and they just had some really good chemistry together. Plus they both play the part of goofy yet intense heels pretty well. I just think they would work.

Woo Woo Woo, just ignore those two dudes in the middle.

5. Zach Ryder and Kofi Kingston- I’m not really sure why I paired Kingston with Ryder, but for the love of everything holy, the WWE needs to use Ryder somehow and Kinsgton’s style seems to work better in the context of a tag team. Yes Ryder is currently a heel, but the fans are obviously digging the stuff he’s putting on Youtube, and he has a lot of comedic potential. I know I said teams should have a reason to be together, but for these guys I just say, “why not?”

This match actually happened at a pay-per-view...

Really the only thing the WWE needs to do with the tag team division is actually give a crap. Their tag team champions lost in a two minute match at Wrestlemania to a team that was thrown together. If that gives you any indication of how little they care. The tag teams need to be displayed more with teams that you can invest in and who don’t break up every few months. Not to mention that the matches need more time, although with WWE rebranding itself, I’m not sure if any match is going to get a decent amount of time. But hey, we can always hope. That’s what I would do with tag teams.

High Five 05/18/11 by Ace Hart

19 05 2011

High Five


Ace Hart

Hey everyone Ace Hart back with ya! Little different from my usual weekly article, but since you already know how much I love to make rankings I thought I’d throw in just a little simple quick top 5 list. I don’t know if it will be weekly or not (Guess it depends on if people actually enjoy it or not), but I figured it would be some nice mid-week filler. Thanks again for reading and make sure you follow me on Twitter on @acehart1 and check out my articles over at

This week’s list:

Top Five Entrance Themes for Current WWE Superstars

It would be really difficult to distinguish exactly what constitutes a great theme song. The basis I went off of involved a formula of 4 things.

1. Does the song rock (or roll in some cases.)?

2. Is there a general pop (good or bad), that occurs whenever that superstar’s music hits?

3. Does that music fit that superstars current character?

4. For even the casual wrestling fan, when that music hits, do they know they’re about to see someone special?

That’s the Ace Hart requirement for making this list. (p.s. sorry in advance for the exclusion of HHH and the deadman, but they are not eligible since they are both currently off television.)

5. Randy Orton:

He would make it further up the list, except for criteria #3. Randy Orton has the type of music that just screams heel from the rooftops, but he’s currently enjoying an amazing run as one of the company’s top faces. Based on the criteria, since he didn’t match #3, he technically shouldn’t even be on here. However he so far exceeds the other three requirements, it would be a crime to leave him off of the list.

4. Christian:

Almost as important as winning the World Heavyweight Championship, Christian also makes this list in a similar fashion. Because Edge retired. Sorry, but you’ve gotten love the ‘Ultimate Opportunist’s” music. But since Christians fast rise on the Smackdown scene, his popularity has grown even further moving him up on the radar that much more for criteria #2. As well as matching up with all the requirements, I often find myself whistling Christians song at random parts of the day, which means it must be a pretty dang good song for THE Ace Hart to get it stuck in his head… Right? Fine, moving on.

3. Rey Mysterio:

How many other Superstars could have their own name implanted into their music? Or a made up word? Or the zip code where that man is from. The whole song is literally just repeating those three things over and over again, until I’m spending an hour researching what Booyaka means. (Don’t waste your time, trust me, it’s not worth it.) The man will have a permanent pop for the rest of his career when his music hits and anytime Rey’s music hits, we all know we’re about to see a legendary, future WWE Hall of Famer.

2. The Miz:

It’s very rare to have a Superstar’s music hit and with the first word, have the entire crowd up and raring to let that man know how much they hate and him and that he does, in fact, suck. Miz has obviously come very far in his wrestling and promo abilities, but nothing has risen as quickly as his amazing catchphrase which spills into his theme music. It’s a fun song, one that you might listen to on its own, and he generates plenty of heat for it before he even steps through the gorilla curtain. And like it or not, but Miz has definitely established himself as a “must-see” WWE superstar.

1. John (I know, I know, sorry.) Cena:

Hard to deny that there’s no one else in the WWE who comes close to matching the criteria I set for this ranking. He matches all impeccably and it doesn’t help that he also currently has the WWE Title to go along with the awesome entrance theme. Cena even gets to sing through most of it. Is there anything this man can’t do? It’s just not fair.

So Close:

– Cody Rhodes

– Kofi Kingston

– CM Punk

– Big Show

– Kane

Like the list? Hate the list? Let’s talk about it in the comments below. Tell me who you would rank near the top. Also what’s your least favorite entrance theme? Tune in next week when I take a sobering look at the Top 5 Saddest WWE Career Ending Injuries (that is, if the infamous JCITY lets me. Just let him know how much you love itJ) Until next time, make sure you check me out at Twitter @acehart1 or email me at